Suddenly Rich is a community financial aid and donation exchange.

Suddenly Rich is not a bank but a mutual stokvel to change financial status of all people.There are no specific accounts where participants have to transfer money to.Participants transfer money directly to each other.Only selected trustworthy individuals allowed.

How does it works


To be a member you need to register on line.Our investment plans start from R500 to R3 000.Our investments have 100% returns in 5 days.There is 50%recommitment investment required from each withdrawal.Our dreams may be created and proccessed at a time,it takes 24 hours before a member is matched with a participant to donate,36 hours to honour the order and 5 days for the order to mature.Failer to pay your order in time you’re blocked.

How to register

Click on registration tab or click here, enter your details and we willenter you into our database and once we found your match we will link you

Contact Us

Our Support Admins are online from 08:00 to 17:00,7 days a week kindly email us on admin@suddenlyrich.co.za

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